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Call of mountainsOur 13 years’ experience as professional translators and copy editors is built on the foundation of lives that can best be described as kaleidoscopic and nomadic. Neil has held Senior Manager and Director positions at major retail companies in the UK and Kuwait, run a private practice as a nutrition consultant, and worked as a freelance management consultant. Gill has been a sales representative for a major UK footwear manufacturer, worked as training and communications manager for a retail company in Kuwait, and run seminars in business and language skills in Germany.

In the end the call of the mountains brought us to the Alps of southern Germany, from where we now look after a portfolio of clients including magazine publishers, leading fashion industry players, tourist boards, universities, cultural organisations and a wide range of businesses.  Here are just two examples of our published works:

Closed Doors

EUNIC Culture Report, translators and editors of the English editions published annually since 2011. Here is one of them: http://www.culturalfoundation.eu/library/eunic-yearbook-2014-15

Translators of Paul Klee and His Illness:    Paul Kleehttp://www.karger.com/Book/Home/253712

We translate from German and French into our mother tongue, English. And because there are two of us, you have the security of knowing that your text will also be proofread by another expert native speaker.

If you have written your own document in English, we can proofread it to ensure there are no minor errors. But unless you are a native speaker, you will probably need us to review it more thoroughly to ensure it is perfect for your target audience. Or feel free to give us a detailed brief and we’ll create your English content from scratch.